Meredith & Davis | Engagement Session

Have you ever met someone and know instantly that you have a connection? Well, that is exactly how I felt when I met Meredith and Davis! Besides being one of the sweetest people I know, Meredith and I both share a love for animals. Meredith absolutely LOVES pigs and I can totally understand why. I’ve had the privilege of interacting with those incredibly intelligent and loving animals on occasion, but I’ve never thought about having one as a pet. Well, Meredith convinced me that my next pet should be a miniature pig, and I’m SO excited about it!

Okay, so enough about dogs, pigs and animals in general (although you know I’m obsessed with that topic)! I’m also extremely passionate about capturing moments that you’ll never want to forget. Davis and Meredith’s engagement session took place in Downtown Carrboro and Fearrington Village. Downtown Carrboro is another one of my favorite places since it has such a good mix of rural and urban areas in one place. I love the historic railroad station, murals, exposed brick and artistic flare of Carrboro.

After we did makeup at my home, we went to Carrboro first and then Fearrington. Although it was late October, the weather was absolutely beautiful, and the lighting was perfect! I had such an amazing time with Meredith and Davis! This couple just oozes happiness, and it was contagious, I’m not sure who laughed more, me or them! I can’t wait to photograph their wedding at Rose Hill Plantation this summer. Congratulations Meredith and Davis!!

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