Millie & Lennon | Engagement Session

On Millie and Lennon’s wedding website is the perfect quote: “Love is but the discovery of ourselves in others, and the delight in the recognition.” – Alexander Smith

I say that this is the perfect quote because you can replace “Love” with “Friendship”. This is exactly how I feel about the bond that I share with this couple. Let me just say that Millie and Lennon are incredibly special people, and I mean that in every possible way. One of the most inspiring traits that Millie and Lennon both share is how much they care for others (both the people kind and our furry friends). Kindness, compassion, sympathy and consideration are all qualities that I believe a lot of us (including myself) are slightly lacking, but Millie and Lennon have an abundance! Besides their altruistic nature, I love how close Millie and Lennon are to their families and their pupsters! Having two Pit Bulls myself, I am especially fond of anyone that cares as much about animals as I do! Also, I never thought I would meet anyone that had a relationship with their mother like I do, if you have met my mother and I, then you know that we are beyond close. Despite that, I might have met my match in Millie and her mother, Jen. I am truly honored to know people that have such a passion for ethics and who constantly strive to be better everyday.

Millie and Lennon actually met at work, however, this is not a story of workplace romance and intrigue. Instead, they formed what most would regard as a tame, albeit successful, professional partnership as their platonic relationship grew.

As time passed they began noticing uncanny similarities between themselves that became impossible to ignore. They found themselves finishing each other’s sentences, cranking up the volume on the same Pandora stations, and giving each other knowing looks as if they could communicate telepathically without speaking a word. Yet they were sensibly tentative about what their pursuit of romance might mean for their relationship at work.

Love is undoubtedly a risky proposition, and they believe that in every relationship there comes a time where both people realize that it’s worth opening their hearts and taking the leap for love, lest they ignore what is clearly apparent before their eyes. That moment came for them on perhaps the least romantic of dates: Super Bowl Sunday. They remember the hours they stayed up after everyone had long gone, talking and laughing like they had known each other for a lifetime, yet could get to know each other for a million more. It was the night everything changed for them, and there was no turning back. From then on, it really was “Happily Ever After”.

Millie and Lennon decided to have their engagement session at the North Carolina Museum of Art, Fearrington Village and Briar Chapel. We had so much fun frolicking with their puppies, walking around Fearrington and talking to the goats and cows, and enjoying the sunset at Briar Chapel. I cannot wait for their wedding in June!!

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