Shelby & Seth UNC Chapel Hill Wedding

I first met Shelby and her mother at a cute little cafe in Durham. A mutual friend referred me and I can’t thank her enough! Since then, I had the honor of photographing their beautiful wedding, and I’m so glad to call Shelby and Seth friends! Although Shelby and Seth both live in Tennessee, their wedding day went off without a hitch. Besides their fun and easy going personality, Shelby’s superb planning skills definitely contributed to a wedding that won’t be forgotten!

Seth and Shelby first met at UNC while spending time with their mutual friends. They instantly hit it off and began spending time with each other daily, doing almost everything together. After college, Shelby moved to Memphis, Tennessee to be apart of a teacher residency program. Meanwhile, Seth was coaching baseball lessons in his hometown of Hendersonville, NC. After just a few months apart, Seth moved to Memphis. They began to create a life together with new friendships, communities, and memories in Memphis.

Seth and Shelby have very limited time together due to the normal hectic lifestyle that we are all burdened by, so one day they planned a “day date” on Sunday. Although Shelby wasn’t suspicious at all, Seth had other plans. They woke up early and went on a run, something Seth only does because Shelby enjoys it so much. They spent the next couple of hours together over breakfast, church and lunch. Shelby could tell Seth was getting nervous, but she didn’t want to read into it. By that time it was raining, but they still wanted to go on a walk, so they began walking with their rain jackets on. All of a sudden Seth handed Shelby a little note that said “November 23, 2014, I love you because…” and inside was a reason he loved her. Shelby knew this was “the” moment and she started balling. As they continued to walk, he handed her 13 little love cards. They arrived at a local hotel where Seth handed Shelby one last note with a little ring in the corner. He got down on one knee and proposed! Shelby thought the day was over, but they headed to her house where Seth had some of their close friends gathered for a celebration. It was their best day ever.

Congratulations to Shelby and Seth! I can’t wait to share their beautiful wedding with you!

Ceremony Venue: The Forest Theatre

Music: DJ Deluxe

Videographer: Eric Lewis


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