Meet Bronwyn

I’m Bronwyn, Lead Wedding Photographer and owner of BDP. I am wife to Benjamin, mama to my two beautiful pups Sophie and Forrest, passionate about family and God, believer, cook, art enthusiast, animal lover, business owner and fan of all things food. In my free time, I love to dabble around outdoors in my garden. It’s a lost cause, but I try! Each day I wish I had an extra 15 minutes to sleep in and snuggle with my family. At heart I really am a home body that is happiest when surrounded by friends and loved ones, playing a board game and laughing over a glass of red wine!

I love to travel, Asheville and the Caribbean are at the top of my list of favorite places! I have a soft spot in my heart for Africa, my birth place. When I travel to California, it tugs at my heartstrings, as it reminds me so much of home. However, I believe I am a true southern gal, and North Carolina is home.

My father was the one who inspired me with his camera constantly by his side. I would often look through the view finder and always marvel at how such a tiny image could manifest itself into a beautiful photograph. I nagged my parents endlessly before they proposed either piano or photography. Much to my mothers dismay, I chose the camera. The rest is history. I have been passionate about photography since a very young age. Every image I capture now is a story that has a different meaning and interpretation to everyone who sees it. To me, that is the magic of photography, the mosaic it creates for each individual.